Journalism for Good

We use Journalism to amplify positive stories of Changemakers in Africa

Equipping high school students with journalism and impact storytelling tools while mentoring them to become champions of impact stories in their communities.

Using Solutions Journalism to amplify positive stories of individual & corporate changemakers across Africa; individuals and organizations offering scalable solutions to challenges facing Africa today

Helping Organizations with external & internal communication needs and helping them document success stories of their work.

A tourism officer who became a key link between his community and healthcare facilities

Impact Stories

Our monthly Focus

Every week we bring you inspiring stories of changemakers who are offering scalable solutions to challenges facing their communities.

With support from our partners, we hope to train 300 journalists across communities every year and to commission them as the global catalysts and champions of change and development across Africa.

Journalism Training

Enroll today for our Solutions Journalism Training Programme

Africa Solutions Media Hub’s Solutions Journalism Training Programme is a 12-week programme targeting students in their gap year and equipping them with journalism skills with the aim of empowering and equipping them  to become the voice that amplifies and elevated positive solutions in their communities, while celebrating these solutions on a global platform.  

I want to be remembered as an African journalist who used her skills to amplify stories of changemakers in the continent and offered the changemakers a platform to learn from one another
~ Lilian Kaivilu, Co-Founder


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