Airtel, Kirusa Launch Voice Messaging Service to Enhance Mobile Communication

Leading Telecommunications Service Provider, Airtel Nigeria, has partnered with Kirusa, a foremost provider of voice messaging and social media solutions, to launch a voice messaging service aimed at enhancing communication among Nigerians.

The service, which is called InstaVoice, provides flexible communication features for customers; further enabling them to send and receive voice messages seamlessly in Nigeria, and across the world. Using this service, an Airtel customer can record a voice message that will be forwarded and listened to by the recipient.

To send an InstaVoice message to a friend, users can just dial ‘star’ followed by the recipient’s number to record and send the message. They can also leave a message if a call goes unanswered or cannot be completed, or use the InstaVoice app on smartphones, press and hold the record button in the app to record and send a message, regardless of whether the recipient has the app or not.

The voice or text message is then delivered to smartphone users with the InstaVoice app, so they can view the messages as part of their chat history with their friends. Those who do not have the app will get the voice message with an embedded number. They will need to click on the number to listen and reply to the message.

Speaking about the product, Ahmed Mokhles, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, expressed delight at the partnership with Kirusa. He explained that, “InstaVoice gives the power of voice messaging to all our customers, regardless of the device they use. It enables our customers to stay connected and not miss any calls even when their phones are switched off. This is a huge advantage especially for emerging markets, and it is one of the reasons we decided to partner with Kirusa.”

In the same vein, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO of Kirusa, noted that,“We are delighted to launch InstaVoice in partnership with Airtel Nigeria. InstaVoice is an extraordinary product that was developed for the sole purpose of seamlessly connecting people across the world.”

InstaVoice messages can be delivered to users anywhere in the world and to feature phone users in 14 countries, including 10 countries in Africa through the Kirusa Cloud. Also, Airtel Smartphone users can benefit from the data features of the InstaVoice app, which include free texting, voicing, pictures, missed calls, and voicemail.

The InstaVoice smartphone app allows users to get missed calls and voicemails in a beautiful chat like user interface.  Users can respond to missed calls and voicemails with a text or voice message, even if the other party does not have the app. Moreover, it is the only app that supports getting missed calls and voicemails to multiple phone numbers within a single app. With its patent-pending User Interface and audio processing technology, it offers the best voicing experience available anywhere.

Smartphone users can download InstaVoice app from Google Play, Apple App Store, or Windows Store for free.

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