Jumia Reveals a Taste of Black Friday Flash Sales

Yes! It is finally here! A sneak-peak into Black Friday deals! (https://www.Jumia.com.ng/black-friday-sales) A vaccine to ease the tension not cure it, the antidote will be available on Friday, 27th of November, 2015. Bloody thirsty Black Friday shoppers can find respite in the fact that 2% of the Black Friday deals have mysteriously found its way out the sealed bag. You might want to wear a frame to shield you from the eye-popping flash sales. Sit tight as you digest this NAFDAC approved chill pill.

Here comes the part you have been waiting for, word coming from the Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria, Fatoumata Ba, reveals that the Infinix Hot 2 will be selling at 50% discount and the PS4 will be available at a jaw-dropping 45% discount. Hold on; do not grab your calculators yet because there is more coming. Brace yourselves! All other discounts would leave you mummified or like Oliver Twist.

To all Jumia Fashionistas; Michael kors, New look, Ralph Lauren and more have sworn their allegiance to the Jumia Black Friday at a breath-taking 40% discount.

With such electrifying discounts, the question at the back of your mind is ‘how’? Jumia Black Friday online store opens and sales start at Midnight November 27, with star products going live starting at 12am up till 12pm same day, every 2 hours with spectacular deals uploaded to withstand the shopping avalanche.

So what’s the secret to grab these amazing flash sales? Set your reminders, charge your internet devices, avoid all side-chicks and let the Black Friday be your bae on the 27th. Lest I forget! It will serve you well to train your fingers. It’s the fastest fingers first; maybe those keyboard lessons might just be an added advantage.

The deals can also be viewed on the Facebook event page (http://www.APO.af/zFZPeI) all day on the 27th of November so you can stay connected to everything as it happens, as they will be the only source of information to Black Friday shoppers for when to expect all deals during the day. To get all the information you will need, simply subscribe to our newsletters (https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday-sales), download the Jumia app (https://www.jumia.com.ng/mobile-apps), like our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.

We sincerely offer our deepest condolences to those who would be missing out on this epic Black Friday Deals.  To our brothers and sisters in the Ecommerce sector all working on Black Friday while everyone is shopping their heart’s fill, we offer a moment of silence. For the shoppers that will get all the best deals on Black Friday (https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday-sales), we doff our hats.

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