Eset to develop usb drives with built in antivirus

ESET, a global leader in security software for over 25 years, is set to develop a new range of secure USB flash drives with in-built antivirus.

The new encrypted USB drives will feature built-in antivirus protection with built-in ClevX Drive Security powered by ESET, to keep contents of the USB flash drives safe and malware free, and prevent malware from spreading via removable media.

ESET East African Area Manager, Bruce Donovan said that data protection is essential for businesses to keep their data safe due to increasing regulatory pressure as well as the need to safeguard their customers’ information in the highest possible way.

We hope that this antivirus protection will better protect the end users data and devices from viruses and malware which can be transmitted by USB drives both at home and in offices,” said Mr. Donovan.

ESET has partnered with Swedish tech firm CTWO Products AB to come up with the ClevX DriveSecurity USBs that uses ESET’s Nod32 antivirus engine to detect and eliminate viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, rootkits, adware and other internet threats before they can be transmitted onto portable drives.

ClevX operates from the drive itself, for speed and convenience, with no need to install software onto a host computer.

CTWO Products AB vice president of sales and marketing Mr. James Baker said that today’s workers move from home to office and computer to computer frequently, and USB flash drives are a common means to transfer data between machines, which can lead to the rapid spreading of malware, unless they are protected.

Our combined secure drive solution with ClevX and ESET provides a multitude of layers to protect users’ data and computers from potential data loss and infection. It also addresses the issue of portable media being a common source of malware infection, said Mr. Baker.

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