Pharma, Government and stakeholders gather to unlock communication deadlock in South Africa

eyeforpharma, a business intelligence company headquartered in London, UK, organises its first conference in South Africa on March 8-9, Johannesburg.

eyeforpharma, an organisation famous for brokering pharma-government meetings in countries as diverse as Colombia, Australia, Mexico, Canada, US, Japan and Europe, has switched its attention on South Africa, following several calls for action.

“Never have we seen such demand for a neutral ground where various entrenched parties can come together and co-create solutions for patients’ long-term interest,” remarked event organiser Blair Gottscho, when quizzed about her reasons for assembling the event.

South African pharmaceutical executives have expressed a strong wish to interface directly with key government decision makers. Stavros Nicolau, Senior Executive of Strategic Trade at Aspen explains that “pharma is seeking a transparent, collaborative and constructive environment which, we hope, will unlock years of unproductive, siloed viewpoints.” One key focus shall be the design of official best practice for drug submissions “in order to find a clearer indication of whether and how a new formulation can be approved for use in patients.” Major companies speak of a desperate need to streamline processes, get products assessed more quickly, give patients access to vital medicines and, of course, enable commercial returns.

Industry stalwarts like Novartis, Sanofi, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Aspen have all made a commitment to participate in the event, as well as industry bodies IPASA and ISPOR. The Medical Control Council, Discovery Health, a range of patient associations and even ANVISA, the ‘Brazilian FDA’, have agreed to join discussions and present solutions.

The event is further expected to attract audience members from marketing, medical affairs and market access departments from other pharmaceutical companies

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