Global Management Challenge (GMC) Kenya announces partnership to open up job opportunities for students and young professionals

The Kenyan chapter of the Global Management Challenge (GMC), an international business management competition, on Wednesday announced a new partnership with Duma Works.

The partnership will enable employers to be matched with the most suitable candidates, who have taken part in the GMC competition.

“The GMC is in its second year in Kenya, and we are constantly looking for new ways to create value for our competitors. By providing top performing individuals with a bridge to potential job opportunities, we are providing them with avenues they can use to apply the business and analytical skills they have learned during the course of the competition. On the other hand, we are also providing employers with ready access to tried and proven young men and women, to take up entry level and low management roles,” explained Founder & Director of Greener Pastures Ltd, Asim Shah.

Duma Works provides a mobile-based recruitment service, which allows job seekers to create online profiles. This information is mapped out against specific job descriptions, providing employers with the most appropriate candidates for the vacant roles that they have.

“Our mobile phone platform is SMS-based, which complements our web platform and opens up our service to anybody with a mobile phone. Job seekers create profiles with specific information including: their skills, location and professional networks, and links this to employment opportunities. Our platforms basically match people to jobs,” explains Arielle Sandor, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Duma Works.

The GMC is the world’s largest management and strategy competition. It has been running for 35 years and is now present in over 30 countries. The GMC provides university students and young professionals with the opportunity to build and manage high performing virtual companies.

Currently, 24 teams are competing for a place in the national finals, which will be held on March 5th. The teams come from a number local schools and organisations including: University of Nairobi; Daystar University; Jomo Kenyatta University; Strathmore University; Kenyatta University; USIU as well as Tarpo Industries, KPLC, KPMG, TechnoBrain and Lapid Leaders Africa Training School.

The winners of this years’ competition will travel to Macao in April to compete in the International Finals.

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