Optiven Foundation launches "Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme"

The future of Kenya, Africa and the entire world lies in Education, Says George Wachiuri, The Optiven Group Foundation Chairman, during the launch of “Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme “ by Optiven Group Foundation in Nairobi while giving a Brief on the Role of SMES & Government in providing Secondary and University Education to deserving Citizens in the Country.

George explained that the nation will never achieve a stable economy if all the relevant stakeholders ignore the role education plays in the economy, continue defocussing from showing efforts to support the Education system in the country, among others.

“If we want to see our Economy as a nation go to the next Best level, we must be willing and committed to invest and support our Children, especially those from poor families and orphaned earn good Education” Cautioned George.

George said that no Economy can survive illiteracy and incompetency because Education helps every economy run Businesses and Grow career, which later contribute to the wellbeing of the national economy.

George also observed that there is a very high growing demand and Need for Education in Kenya, and that many people would love to get education though they are not able to due to poverty.

“When Optiven Group Foundation advertised and called deserving students to apply for Sponsorships, We got overwhelming Numbers of applicants , Over 1000 applications came in the span of 1 week yet Optiven was looking to sponsor only 15 students. The big question is what will happen to the remaining 985?”

George said this is enough reasons to raise alarms and that there is a need to deal with this monster.

”In a normal public Secondary School, It will take a student Ksh70, 000 per year to study. You can choose to sponsor someone for an year, Broken down into months, that is Ksh 5000.Philanthropy is about sacrifice. You can choose to deny yourself a luxury that costs you Ksh5,000,such as a pizza, Beer, among others and keep someone in School” Advises George.

Optiven Group foundation is paying Ksh 280,000 per student thus incurring a total of Ksh. 4.2 Million for the 15 students in 4 years.

“This is something we plan to do every year. The Numbers will increase every year as God increases our resources.”

So far Optiven Group Foundation has 40 students on this scholarship program since inception.

“We had 25 already ongoing this program.” Adds George.

“We are calling other SMES and Individuals to follow suit and sponsor whatever the Number they are able to.” Urged George.

The Foundation Chairman is also calling the government to consider rolling out Free Secondary Education even as the SMES in Kenya complement these efforts.

Optiven Group Foundation is sponsoring 15 children in Secondary schools, thus incurring over 4.5 Million for 4 years. “We are not stopping here.Let us all do something, regardless of how small it is, even if it is doing a small shopping of Ksh, 1000 to a student in Secondary school and secure the future Economy of our nation.”

Optiven Group Foundation will incur 20 million in the next 4 years “And we plan to sponsor a significant Number every other year. Anyone can sponsor a student. Even 1 is okey.But make sure you sponsor someone” Advised George.

Optiven Envisions to create over 15,000 jobs in the next 15 years, we intend to mentor the students we sponsor, monitor their performance and embrace them in our systems, thus reducing unemployment in the nation.

“We also intend to cultivate the culture of selflessness and giving in these students so that in the future, we also encourage them to consider educating someone.”

George concluded by calling forth all the relevant stakeholders to take their position in this matter and save the future economy of our nation by growing young minds.

“We all have a social Responsibility to give back to the society, and leave a mark by touching people`s lives. In the next 5 years, Optiven Foundation, Optiven will not spare any resources as long as they will empower and Transform the Society,” Said George.

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