Massey Ferguson is Proud to Announce the Introduction of the NEW 112-132hp MF 6700 Global Series Platform Tractors for Africa and the Middle East

Massey Ferguson is Proud to Announce the Introduction of the NEW 112-132hp MF 6700 Global Series Platform Tractors for Africa and the Middle East

Massey Ferguson (, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO) (, is proud to announce the introduction of the new MF 6700 Series, a major step forward in the evolution of the Massey Ferguson Global Series.

The new MF 6700 Series is the most powerful range in the Massey Ferguson Global Series with engine power outputs from 112hp to 132hp.

Following the path set out by the MF 4700 Series for a strong workhorse across a full range of applications, the MF 6700 Series provides greater performance in a modern straightforward design, low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability.

Aimed at larger farms in Africa and the Middle East, the MF 6700 Platform Series may be the enterprise’s main cultivations tractor, or take the role of all-round workhorse where there are already more powerful tractors in the fleet.

Thierry Lhotte, Massey Ferguson Vice-President Marketing, Europe/Africa/Middle East, explains: “This range represents a key element in our ‘three-segment tractor strategy’ in Africa and the Middle East, aimed to provide farmers with the right choice of machines across a spectrum of power and specification requirements. The three segments comprise progressive Emerging Farmers; Established Farmers; and Larger Agricultural Businesses including Contractors and Fleet owners.

The MF 6700 Global Series is ideal for this third segment, offering carefully balanced technology and a modern design with power capabilities required by large farms and estates.”

Key Features

The Massey Ferguson 6700 Series incorporates many key features:

  • 4 cylinder, 4.4ltr turbocharged AGCO Power Engine, MF 6711 112hp/83kW,       MF 6712 122hp/91kW, MF 6713 132hp/98kW.
  • 12F x 12R synchromesh gearbox with either synchronised mechanical shuttle or power shuttle.
  • Heavy duty transaxle assembly with oil immersed disc brakes and electro-hydraulic operated differential lock.
  • 540 revs/min. Independent PTO (IPTO) with electro-hydraulic engagement and options of 540/540E or 540/1000 revs/min.
  • Electro-hydraulic engaged 4WD front axle with centre drive shaft and hydraulically locked differential.
  • Open centre hydraulic system with up to 98ltr/min available for auxiliary valves.
  • Rear linkage with external lift cylinders providing 5,200kg maximum lift capacity.
  • Electronic Linkage Control system (ELC) with two-lever operation.
  • Up to 3 auxiliary valves
  • Ergonomic operator station with side mounted gear levers and clear floor area.
  • ISO mounted flat floor platform accessible from both sides.
  • Pivoting Sheet metal bonnet with modern Massey Ferguson family appearance.
  • Radial tyres standard fitment.

Power is supplied by a completely new AGCO POWER four-cylinder turbo charged engine compliant with Tier 2 emissions legislation, and delivering:  MF 6711 with 112hp/83kW, MF 6712 with 122hp/91kW and the flagship MF 6713 with132hp/98kW.

With features proven in the Massey Ferguson 4708, the engine for the MF 6700 is designed for the greater output required in this power sector. This includes high torque for plenty of pulling power at lower revs, reducing noise and fuel consumption.

A 170 litre capacity fuel tank offers long hours’ performance in the field with less fill-ups.

The new engine is complemented by a 12×12 speed synchromesh shuttle transmission, offering two ranges with six gears in each. This offers significant benefits in haulage applications, reducing the requirement for a range change when pulling away with a ladened trailer. It is also easier to drive, offering improved gear shifting.

For applications requiring frequent changes of direction such as loader work, a Power Shuttle can also be specified, giving forward/reverse shifts via a lever, and without the need to declutch.

True four-wheel drive is offered by the hydraulically locking differential, which locks the front and rear wheels simultaneously and is easily disengaged at the end of a run.

Larger, heavier duty castings and components on the new rear axle provide the strength for the increased demands placed on tractors in this sector, including offering an impressive lift capacity of 5,200kg on the category II rear linkage. This allows farmers to use wider implements and boost their workrates. The linkage also features telescopic stabilisers.

Massey Ferguson’s proven Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system provides accurate linkage control, simple operation and easy adjustment with minimal maintenance. For simplicity it is controlled by two mechanical levers on the operator platform.

Increased hydraulic capacity also means that more demanding implements can be handled. The standard 57 litres/min output from the open-centre hydraulic system can be increased as an option to 98 litres/min, ideal for loader work or operating a diet feeder for example. Up to three auxiliary valves can be specified.

As standard, a 540rpm PTO speed is offered, but purchasers can also specify 540/540E or 540/1000 rpm options. A flanged output shaft makes for an easy switch between six or 21 spline shafts, adapting easily to lower or higher powered implements. Engagement is via a rocker switch on the control console.

Hydraulic trailer braking is also available for applications involving a high proportion of transport work.

Massey Ferguson is Proud to Announce the Introduction of the NEW 112-132hp MF 6700 Global Series Platform Tractors for Africa and the Middle East

Massey Ferguson is Proud to Announce the Introduction of the NEW 112-132hp MF 6700 Global Series Platform Tractors for Africa and the Middle East

Designed with the operator in mind, the MF 6700 offers excellent access for routine maintenance, with a one-piece bonnet which lifts clear of the engine. A translucent cover on the cooling system expansion tank allows inspection without climbing onto the tractor and access to radiators is easy. A visible gauge is provided for the hydraulic oil reservoir.

Operation is also exceptionally simple, allowing any member of the farming team to use the tractor. Electro-hydraulic engagement of the four-wheel drive and diff lock allows them to be activated via the flick of a switch. The layout of the spacious open platform will be instantly familiar to drivers who have experience of the Massey Ferguson family with most lever controls on the right-hand side and featuring traditional dials and instruments.

The MF 6700 Series adds a basic performance monitor which allows the operator to calculate machine output by dialling in the width of the implement and also displays forward speed and PTO speed on a digital display, useful when using more complex attachments.

The ISO-mounted flat floor platform can be accessed from either side and features a mechanically suspended deep cushioned weather-proof seat. As standard, a folding ROPS frame with sun canopy and operator seat belt are fitted.

A feature of the Massey Ferguson Global Series is the specification of Trelleborg radial tyres as standard, which offer owners several benefits, including increased traction, reduced soil compaction and fuel consumption, highly beneficial for the workload these tractors will achieve.

Ashley Fleming, Marketing Specialist, Massey Ferguson for Africa and Middle East comments: “This is a very important tractor for Massey Ferguson in Africa and the Middle East, offering farmers more power and increased versatility, while retaining the straightforward dependability and ease of operation that the Global Series has become renowned for. The latest technology is combined with familiar controls and excellent service access to make the MF 6700 an invaluable power unit for any farming operation.”

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