JobNet Africa expands pool of high-potentials to 20,000

Recruitment website JobNet Africa, formerly known as WerkInAfrika, has expanded its services with a job board for highly skilled workers who are looking for jobs across the continent. Following the rebranding and expansion of the trilingual website, the talent pool has increased to 20,000 experts and is ever growing.

“The new name JobNet Africa shows our ambition to search for talent worldwide,” said Inez Willeboordse, the founder of JobNet Africa. “Our Dutch name just did not cover what we were doing anymore. We have added French as a new working language to our website so we are now fully equipped to search for candidates for jobs in all African countries.”

JobNet Africa expands pool of high-potentials to 20,000

JobNet Africa expands pool of high-potentials to 20,000

JobNet Africa has helped finding high-potential workers for multinationals like Shell and IBM but it also focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors like renewable energy, agriculture and hospitality. “I got nine applicants within one day – and a couple of them were of interest. I have to say I am impressed with the footfall you get on JobNet Africa,” said Abbie Morris, Senior Programmes Manager of ACE Africa in Malawi.

Also Lysanne Denneboom, Managing Director of the Ghana Netherlands Business & Culture Council in Ghana is one of the managers who experienced working with JobNet Africa. “They have a huge reach and we received a lot of applicants for our vacancy. They surprised us with interesting profiles,” Denneboom commented.

Willeboordse: “What we see now are just the early stages of online job recruitment in Africa. Most of the lower-paid jobs are still advertised in the traditional way, by publishing them in the newspapers or through family. But the internet has the future and while Africa is getting more and more connected we see huge growth opportunities in the years ahead.”


JobNet’s new website is easy to use. International job seekers can register for free by creating an account and uploading their CV’s. Companies can register to access the database and have the option of posting vacancies. “Unlike most other websites we are very transparent. There are real people behind the jobs we advertise and we can be contacted by anyone who has a question,” said Willeboordse.

2016 Promises to be a big year for JobNet Africa. Willeboordse: “We are in the middle of the rebranding process and by the end of the year we will have opened a branch office at a new location in South Africa.”

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