On Thursday 30th June 2016, 6pm at British Council, Nairobi, the British Council will launch new Arts new Audiences, a grant scheme, which is an open call to artists, musicians, film makers and cultural institutions across Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and the UK to create new art to showcase to audiences in the UK and East Africa.
The grant requires creatives to work in partnerships that include at least one UK partner and two East African partners (from two different countries). Between three and five projects shall be selected in 2016–17, each receiving grants of up to £20,000.
As a way to give a platform to the diversity of ideas and expression that are in today’s vibrant East African arts scene, the British Council’s open call does not restrict the theme of the projects. The British Council works across multiple art forms, believing that cross cultural collaboration is pertinent to generating innovative works of art. new Art new Audiences is one of three funding opportunities that make up the British Council’s East Africa Arts programme, a fresh way of working with artists and institutions across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the UK. Arts are a cornerstone of the British Council’s work to create knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world.
East Africa Arts has three strands: new Art new Audiences, Creative Hustles and Mobility East Africa. Creative Hustles are skills-sharing and networking events for East African artists and audiences and the British Council will run 20 Creative hustles across East Africa over the next 12 months. Mobility East Africa is a bi-annual open call beginning in August for East African artists and cultural practitioners to travel to and participate in cultural events and activities in East Africa. With theses travel grants, the British Council aims to support 60 East African artists to travel across East Africa over the next nine months.
British Council Kenya’s Country Director, Tony Reilly says “The arts sit right at the very heart of the British Council’s mission as the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations. Through the British Council’s East Africa Arts programme, we hope these grants will enable artists to make new partnerships in the region and with the UK”.
Rocca Gutteridge, British Council’s Head of Arts East Africa says “Igniting connections between contemporary East African and British culture is at the core of our programme. East Africa Arts aims to share knowledge, understanding and inspiration across the creative industries”.

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