KRA embraces Pre-clearance system for cargo

KRA embraces Pre-clearance system for cargo

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has embraced a new cargo clearance system, the Pre-export verification of conformity (PVOC), which will enable the customs department to conduct Pre-arrival clearance at the Ports of export and clear the goods subjected to the system, prior to the arrival at the Port of Mombasa.

Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner for Customs and Border control Mr Julius Musyoka made the announcement announced this Friday during a Port stakeholders meeting at the Port of Mombasa, who included representatives from partner Government agencies and those from the private sector. The Commissioner said the system will address the problem of delays in clearing cargo, attributed to inspection at the Port of Mombasa.

The Commissioner who was accompanied by Kenya Ports Authority managing director Ms Catherine Mturi Wairi and other Senior Kenya Revenue Authority officials noted the system will initially target the clearance of at least 70 % of imported cargo.

The Pre-arrival  system requires  traders abroad  to present all Cargo destined for export  to inspection companies  appointed by  the Kenyan  government,  for inspection, to confirm standards . The exporters will also be required to avail the invoice for the Cargo to the appointed inspection firm to confirm the value.

Kenya Revenue Authority will then be able to access the systems these pre-shipment companies through Kenya Bureau of standards.

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