Infinix HOT S review

Infinix HOT S review

It comes in five different colours and a beautiful look. The light weight make it even better.

Infinix HOT S becomes the second mobile phone device from Infinix Mobility with a fingerprint sensor. This is after the recently launched Ininix NOte 3.

The HOT S is the first mobile device to sell offline. It will be available at Infinix branded shops and in Safaricom shops in Kenya. It will be selling at a range of Sh16,000 and Sh18,000. hot-s

For photography lovers, this is the phone for you! It comes with a 13MP rear camera and a front camera of 8MP. Besides having a flash light, the front camera comes with 1.4 µm ultra pixel technology, a feature that allows high resolution photographs. The front camera LED flash enables the user to take clear and good quality photographs regardless of the lighting in the room.

For the video clips taken using the HOT S, the editing is no longer a hustle. The phone comes with a pre-installed Magic Movie feature that enables one to edit the videos in many different ways. Notably, one can even cut or censor noise in a video clip using this feature. Alternatively, the user can replace the audio in the video clip with an audio clip of his or her choice.

Infinix HOT S is a 5.2 inch size, giving it a sleek look. With its 3000mAh battery, the user can use the phone upto more than 24 hours. Tehn phone comes also with a Battery Save and Ultra Battery Save options. These two features allow the user to spare the battery charge even in areas without electricity access.

And if in a hurry, Infinx HOT S offers you a solution. You can use the 1.5mAh fast charging feature.

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