7 ways to keep your children busy this holiday

7 ways to keep your children busy this holiday

By George Wachiuri, CEO Optiven Group

It’s holiday time, schools are closed and you have the children with you at home. The main challenge faced by most parents mind is how to keep their children engaged during this period. The visit to any of the local malls says it all. Teens are usually seen hanging around, seemingly with no plan for what they want to spend their time on. The big question then becomes; how do parents keep their energetic and enthusiastic teenagers busy? Here are some tips:

  1. Seminars

There are various seminars and training sessions run by various organizations. These forums make for the ideal environment to shape the thinking and future of these teens.

  1. Negotiate Freedom

Let your children know that freedom has got its limits. While they have an option to plan out what they would like to do with their days, have them account for their day. It is also important to allocate house chores to them to teach them to be responsible.

  1. Participation in Social Work

Encourage your children to engage in charity work such as visiting cancer patients, orphans and children’s homes. This gives them an opportunity not only to help those in need but also to appreciate the lives they enjoy.

  1. Link them with Mentors

Encourage mentorship within the family set up. Let them visit people they respect and learn from them; to allow them to make better decisions as well gain focus.

  1. Visit to the Village

Let the youngsters tour and visit their grandparents or other relatives living upcountry. This will expose them to different environments, from which they could learn something new. Those from rural areas can visit their relatives in urban centers.

  1. Join Church Groups

These groups could be dancing classes, youth or choir. This will enable them use their energy as well as socialize with others, while keeping their minds engaged.

  1. Take them to work

Taking your young people to your place of work will instill work ethic in them. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can pay them an allowance as they learn a thing or two.

George Wachiuri is the CEO, Optiven Group. Read more about him here

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