Here is what Winpad2 offers you

By Lilian Kaivilu

About one and half years after launching Winpad10, Tecno Mobile has once again unveiled another two-in-one device.

The Winpad 2, launched recently in the Kenyan market succeeds the Winpad10 launched in June 2015. Though almost similar in design and most of the features, Winpad2 has an upgraded internal memory compared to Winpad10.

Why you Here is what Winpad2 offers youto get the Winpad 2
Here is what Winpad2 offers you

While Winpad 10 had a 32GB internal memory, Winpad2 has a 64GB internal memory. That is a double addition right there.

The battery for Winpad 2 has remained as 7000mAh, just like the Winpad10 battery. But interestingly, the Winpad2, unlike Winpad10, can sustain battery charge for a whole day hence making it convenient for those on the move.

The device has a SD and SIM card slots
The device has a SD and SIM card slots

The screen for both devices, however, remains 10.1 inches. The size of Winpad2 in good enough to fit in a bag. The RAM for both devices remains the same-2GBRAM. For those who would like to carry out excess assignments such a svideo editing or photo storage, then you may need an upgrade of the ROM.

Winpad 2 is running on Windows10 operating system, is 4G enables and has both Micro SD and Micro SIM card slots. It also has a HDMI cable port.

Winpad2 is a two-in-one device
Winpad2 is a two-in-one device

Other features of the device include:

  • 2M Front camera
  • 5M rear camera
  • Audio: Dual Stereo Speaker
  • 7000mAh battery
  • Detachable keypad
  • Earphones port

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