Churchill shares Christmas memories as a child

Churchill shares Christmas memories as a child

By Lilian Kaivilu

Daniel Ndambuki, akaChurchill vividly the Christmas eve of 1986 and a Christmas gift that his father bought him. He shared his story here:

“I remember the Christmas of 1986 when my father bought me nice shining shoes. You know, Mzee would buy a shoe and your size had to fit everyone else. Such gifts used to be a big surprise so they were only bought on the 24th. But only in the morning did I notice that the shoes were actually feminine. But I did not care. They were my shoes anyway.


We all congregate at home back in the village and eat Chapati. My sister makes the chapattis so well. You know, chapatti was not just any other meal through the year. And to us as a family, it is still very important and valued.

When I pull off the Caleb hat…
I also take this time to mingle with friends, family and former classmates back in the village. And of course we attend church services at Africa Inland Church (AIC) Katheka Kai. As a family, we also set time to sing Christmas Caroles.
Back at home, no one knows me as a comedian. They know me as mtoto wa nanii, and I like it that way.
Christmas memories…

My future Christmas…

Going forward, I hope to establish camps for young people where we can meet during this festive season.

Churchill’s Christmas favourite…
Chapati na mbuzi ya kuchinja.
For Churchill, the Christmas holidays end when the money is finished….

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