Five unique features of the new Infinix Zero 4

Five unique features of the new Infinix Zero 4
By Lilian Kaivilu

With the rising number of new mobile phone models in the Kenyan market, one may be lost for choice on what device to buy for themselves, or even for a loved one. But Infinix Zero 4 will help you deal with this. Several outstanding features on this newly launched smart phone will make you go for it.

First is its sleek design. From the front side, the Infinix Zero 4 has an elegant look from all angles. The device is slim, enhancing the elegant look. From the back side, the phone looks classy with its transparent back cover. Besides protecting the back side of the camera, the phone cover also protects the edges of the phone, just incase it drops on a hard or rough surface.

customised inspirational message on Zero4

customised inspirational message on Zero4


Customised screen messages: With the many apps that a mobile phone can have, an app on inspirational quotes will, most likely, be an added burden to the user. So what

Infinix has done with Zero 4 is to offer you customised inspirational quotes like the ones below:

Customised quotes from Infinix Zero4

Customised quotes from Infinix Zero4Customised quotes from Infinix Zero4


Internal storage: If you want to keep a number of videos, photographs as well as songs, then Infinix Zero 4 gives you this opportunity, thanks to its 32GB internal storage space. But if you still need more space, you can get a memory card.


Track snoopers: Most of us want to protect our phones by all means. From passwords to the fingerprint access. And many smart phones today even have the eye sensor that lets the user devise a way of accessing their phone by way of eye encryption.
But did you know you can avoid all that? The new Infinix Zero 4 launched earlier this month  lets you track the activities on your phone while with someone else. Often, when many people have your phone, they will want to scroll through your text messages, WhatsApp conversations or even go through your photos in your phone.
Screen Record, a newly introduced feature installed on Zero 4 helps the phone owner track such navigations. Once the screen record feature is on, it captures, in a video format, all the movements that one makes within the device. In a sequence, the video will show you the phone apps that were visited. For example, if one went into your messages, the feature shows you the specific messages that they accessed.

Track charging: While most phones will show you the percentage charge of the battery when plugged into a power source, Infinix Zero 4 shows you the exact time that is remaining for phone battery to be

With Zero4, you can track the remaining charging time

With Zero4, you can track the remaining charging time

fully charged. This will help the user plan their time well.

Infinix Zero 4 has a 32GB internal memory, 3GB RAM and is retailing at Sh18,999.

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