Buy your child this as she joins school

The festivities are over and a back to work mood is already setting in. Likewise, learners are resuming school for a new term or academic year. Others are joining school for the very first time. And of course, not every parent will feel at ease with releasing their son or daughter to school, away from their watch.

But there is no cause to worry, thanks to a smart watch that can help parents and guardians monitor their children’s movements hence enhancing their safety. The MyKi watch is a GPS enabled smartwatch that your school-going child can wear on their wrist, just like any other watch. Through the app, parents get updates after every one minute about the location of their child. The device comes in a number of baby friendly colours which come in pairs. They include: red-blue, blue-green and pink-yellow.

Buy your child this as she joins school
Buy your child this as she joins school

However, for the parents to be able to track their children via this watch, they need to install the MyKi Watch App on Playstore and create an account. This app is available to phones and computers using iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. To create the account, the user will need to have a valid mobile phone number, watch ID and another phone number that is used on the phone. That means, apart from the sim card on your phone, you will need a separate simcard for the smartwatch.

One phone, however, can connect to a number of watches and the parent can include specific numbers on the child’s smart watch. These are the numbers that the child will be able to call in case of any emergency.

Besides monitoring their movements, MyKi Watch lets parents see the child’s environment through the app. Through the watch, parents are able to track the fitness of their children. The parent or guardian is then able to gather fitness data for the child throughout a given period of time.

MyKi Watch can be charged via a USB cable. It retails at Sh10,167 ($99) on Amazon.

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