Tecno Mobile makes strides in Kenyan market

Tecno Mobile makes strides in Kenyan market 

After holding its first global launch of Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus in Dubai last year, Tecno Mobile has now held its second global product launch. In a colourful event that took place in Nairobi, Tecno Mobile launched Camon CX and Camon CX Air. ImpactHub Media spoke to Livingstone Migwi, Tecno East Africa Regional Director about Tecno’s newest product in Kenya and other countries…


You held your first global launch in the Middle East last year. Why Kenya now?

When we launched 10 years as Tecno Mobile, Kenya was among the first countries that we launched. Kenya has become a very important for Tecno Mobile as a whole.

What percentage of your market share does Kenya represent?

For the Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya represents bout 25 per cent of our market share. Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Cameroon are most significant markets for Tecno Mobile in Africa. With the launch of Camon CX and CX Air, the market will expand over time.

Many customers consider the price of most of your products relatively low…

It is not about how low the price is, but it is about the affordability. We try to balance between best features and better price. We would have sold the devices at a high price and make bigger margins but we opt to have our customers get what they prefer at an affordable price. At Tecno, we have done a lot of market research and we have involved our customers so much in the development of our products. We talk to the customers and ask them what they would prefer in the next device that we launch in the market.


Today you launched the Camon CX and CX Air. What’s unique feature in the Camon Series?

The Camon Series is our camera series. CX Air, Camon CX, C9, C8 and C5 have all been an improvement of the product. Our idea has been to give our customers a perfect selfie as well as the rear camera. We also concentrate on other elements that consumers want.

From your market research, who constitutes your customer base mainly?

The spread is across all segments. It’s just that some of our products are aligned to photography, music, longer battery life and so on. Everyone buys a Tecno but their interests differ.

Tecno Mobile has been here for about a decade now. Has your presence in Kenya positively impacted the country’s job market?

We have the dealers who sell the products, marketers who do the promotion as well as the distribution. We are employing more people in all these elements. For instance, when we have a new product, we hire people for research and development to assess the market. Also, in distribution, there definitely will be more jobs created for the product to move from one place to another.

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