Keep your business safe this Easter

Keep your business safe this Easter

With the Easter break only a few days away, most of the country is in high gear making vacation plans to celebrate the occasion. Traditionally, the crime rate tends to rise in urban settlements over holiday seasons such as this. While the more conventional crime trends over these periods indicate that residential areas are more at risk, due consideration must also be given to securing one’s workplace or office complex as most businesses will also be closed for the extended Easter weekend. Here are a few measures one can take to safeguard their business while they are away:

  1. Neighbouring Businesses:

If you share an office complex with other businesses there’s bound to be a couple of offices that will remain open over Easter. It would be wise to ask them to keep an eye on things while you are gone. Just be sure to leave them an emergency contact that they can use to reach you if worst comes to worst.

If you don’t have neighbouring businesses to call on for help, you should perhaps consider hiring security guards to patrol your premises while you are away, or have your service provider deploy additional guards for enhanced patrols and surveillance before you return.

  1. Review your Security Protocol:

Each office has its own protocols when it comes to safety, such as deciding who gets to keep the keys or making sure that the last person out of the office arms the alarm system before clocking out.

Be sure to have security protocols in place and ensure everyone remembers their role in keeping the office safe. If have hired new employees recently, it would be advisable to train them on the set procedures as well.

iii.                Bolster your Defences:

Over the years, we have come to learn that burglars tend to target small and medium-sized enterprises that appear to not to have invested adequately in security measures. In recent weeks we have seen media reports of burglars caught on camera robbing office complexes as well, which indicates that one security solution on its own might not be enough to secure your property.

One should consider bolstering their perimeter security and emergency response systems as well to deter potential intruders and to ensure prompt response in the event that thugs do break in.

  1. Limit Risk:

With theft, the best means of prevention is to be prepared. In the event that your perimeter is breached and your security compromised, it would be best to mitigate potential losses in advance.

You could, for instance, not leave any cash in the office or secure your money and other valuables in a biometric sensor safe if possible. Gadgets such as tablets, iPads, and laptops could also be carried home or at least kept out of sight under lock and key. The less they are able to make away with, should they be able to break in, the better.

  1. Check on your Wiring:

Most fires are caused by electrical faults and the last thing you’d want is to lose your prized assets over something that is easily preventable. We would advise that you have a qualified electrician check on your wiring and electrical equipment so you can replace any frayed cables or damaged equipment that could pose a fire risk.

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