All you need to know about Kenya’s first Wefie Smartphone

All you need to know about Kenya’s first Wefie Smartphone

By Lilian Kaivilu

You will agree with me that the rate at which mobile phone companies are churning out smartphones is a bit too fast; too fast for even techie lovers to have enough of one particular device. Just when you thought that you had gotten the perfect smartphone, another one is unveiled in the market.

And although most mobile phone companies do not have an all-feature phone where a device has exclusive features, many companies try to capitalise on certain features. For instance, one mobile phone company can focus on the sound features of a phone while another company may choose to focus on the camera. Others put emphasis on the mobile phone’s internal memory and speed.

Interestingly, there are customers today who are very specific on the kind of device that they want. To them, it is not about the price or the memory size of the smart phone. They are inspired by that one specific feature. That certain feature is what will move then into buying the phone.

This seems to be what inspired Infinix, one of the top players in Kenya’s mobile phone market. The company has just launched Infinix S2 PRO (X522), the first smartphone that can take not just a selfie, but a Wefie. It’s simple: A wefie is just a group photo taken using the front camera of the phone. But unlike the ordinary selfie, the Wefie taken using the Infinix S2 PRO shows more details of the background and rarely will you need to use a selfie stick.

In addition, the Wefie Feature allows the person taking the group photo to be inside the picture, and at a good range and focus. This is unlike the Selfie setup where the photographer seems to close to the camera of has most of his or her body parts cut off.

Infinix S2 PRO has an ultra-wide angle of 135° plus 8.0 megapixels for the front camera, leading selfie taking into a new era of Wefie. The smartphone features a 13.0-megapixel rear camera and dual front cameras, one of which comes with 13.0 megapixels and beautification functions and the other with an ultra-wide angle of 135° and 8.0 megapixels.

With photography and video beautification for individuals or groups and magic movie 2.0, photos taken at parties will become uniquely fascinating. Snapshots by Infinix S2 PRO will make your party and friends look more attractive. The 135°-wide-angle front camera and the powerful group beautification technology will clearly capture every joyful moment and more importantly make every partygoer look radiant from all angles of view.

Do not be left out. Try out the newest device in the market. It is now available on Jumia at only Sh15,000.

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