Kibera residents to benefit from Malaria awareness drive

Kibera residents are set to benefit from a new initiative that seeks to enhance the residents’ knowledge on the symptoms, causes and preventive measures of the killer disease– Malaria.

The awareness drive, rolled out by Mortein Doom in partnership with Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO), a non-profit organisation based in the slum intends to reach to the more than 300 patients who frequent SHOFCO’s health facilities on a daily basis

According to the Global Literacy Project, (GLP) a charity organization working in Kibera, Malaria is a severe problem in this area and is particularly damaging to the residents because it often causes a person to be so sick that they are unable to work, which may precipitate the loss of a job or business revenue that is vital to their family’s survival.

Kibera residents to benefit from Malaria awareness drive
Kibera residents to benefit from Malaria awareness drive

GLP also notes that one of the primary causes of the spread of malaria in Kibera is the pre-eminence of stagnant waste water, which is caused by ineffective drainages that run through the slum. The resultant pools of water provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes as well as other diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.

GLP further notes that the disease is especially deadly in children and the elderly. Many children who survive an episode of severe malaria may suffer from learning impairments or brain damage.  Pregnant women and their unborn children are also particularly vulnerable to malaria, which is a major cause of prenatal mortality, low birth weight and maternal anemia.

Speaking in acknowledgement of the World Malaria Day, globally acknowledged on the 25th of April RB’s Country Manager, Sachin Varma noted that as a brand, Mortein Doom, remains steadfast at driving public educational initiatives to reinforce the message that Malaria is preventable and treatable. “We have rolled out similar initiatives every year when we celebrate World Malaria Day. We believe that we can end Malaria for good if the public takes part in the fight against this killer disease. ” Noted Sachin

Over the past 4 years, Mortein Doom has partnered with the Ministry of Health in support of the drive to end Malaria for good. Through this partnership, the Ministry has rolled out national educational interventions in a bid to impart the public with knowledge on Malaria prevention measures

The Ministry of Health also notes that Malaria poses enormous health and economic problem in Kenya. It is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country. The Ministry estimates that it accounts for 15% of all out-patient attendance in the country’s health facilities admissions (DHIS 2015).

Subsequent interventions such as education on the need to use mosquito nets, proper environmental management such as draining stagnant water, clearing of long grass, use of indoor sprays has seen a steady decline of malaria cases in the last five years (DHIS 2015)

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