Skanem Interlabels Nairobi showcases cost effective innovations

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi showcases cost effective innovations

By Our Reporter

Smart labeling solutions is the future of the labeling industry. Paul Jones, Skanem Multinational Sales Director urged brand owners to be more creative and invent more innovative ways to tell their story.

Speaking last week during the Skanem’s Innovation Days , Jones said: “Some of the ways they can do this is by using Augmented Reality which is cost effective once the app is created and can be can be updated continuously to help with launches and promotions”.

This was the first series of Innovation Days in Nairobi an event that was hosted by Skanem Interlabels Nairobi, a leading producer of labels and labelling solutions. Under the theme “Innovation today, tomorrow and beyond” the open days hosted a total of 120 customers from across all market segments for a three-day program of plenary sessions and plant tours.

Some of the topics covered during the three-day event included enhancing shelf appeal, brand protection, use of sustainable materials that are geared towards reduction of carbon footprint, cost saving initiatives and finally smart labelling solutions.

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi showcases cost effective innovations

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi showcases cost effective innovations

Jones emphasized on the need to have ways to reduce the cost of printing. He noted: “The market needs to embrace new and sustainable ways of reducing the cost of print through operational excellence, use of materials which could offer a more competitive solution, changing of label sizes to suit technology and exploring a more sustainable supply chain processes that can introduce elements such as the use of returnable packaging and recycled raw materials.”

Jones also acknowledged that development costs are continuing to rise and brand owners don’t have the budget to experiment. Skanem is market ready with innovative solutions as it offers a 3D creative design service to enable brand owners to be as creative as possible with minimum costs.

Competitive Embellishments is also one of the other key aspects of design that customers can use to ensure that their products stand out from the crowd. There are several ways that brand owners can embellish their labels by using textured inks to create different effects and with Skanem’s technical guidance, customers can create a perfect look for their products.

Sachen Gudka Managing Director, Skanem Interlabels Nairobi gave the customers a tour of the plant to shed more light on the processes & technological investments involved in turning plain paper to decorated and functional print.

Gudka said: “The Innovation Days are geared at connecting customers with experts in the field of packaging as well as to showcase the technological investments we continue to make that allow us to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, bring lean production into play and pass the benefits of better quality and more affordable labels to our customers.”

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