Savannah cement pushes the green agenda

Savannah cement pushes the green agenda

Savannah Cement one of Kenya’s leading cement manufacturers, has been on the forefront of environmental preservation through various initiatives. The company continues to implement various initiatives to ensure eco-friendly sustainability within the factory and the community.


One such initiative is the tree planting initiative, launched with the purpose of ensuring that the Carbon Dioxide emissions from the industry machinery are managed creating a safer and healthier environment for the employees and surrounding community.

Savannah cement pushes the green agenda

Savannah cement pushes the green agenda


According to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study report, the manufacturer has been known to implement sustainable solutions to further better their surrounding environment.


Savannah Cement’s Managing Director Ronald Ndegwa led the team in donating 1000 tree seedlings towards efforts of exploiting the onset of the long rains to come. Thomas Fuller famously said “He that plants trees loves others besides himself”.


“We at Savannah believe in business practices that meet the human needs while at the same time preserving the environment. Our mode of conducting business is geared towards ensuring that our services may be enjoyed in the future through a well preserved environment. We like to involve the staff and the community in our projects to create a sense of responsibility and accountability”, said Savannah’s Managing Director Mr. Ronald Ndegwa.


While receiving the tree seedlings on behalf of Kitengela community, Assistant County Commissioner, Mr.Fred Njenga said ”We appreciate Savannah’s effort in community support and we are glad that we have a partner we can always rely on even when our hydrants run out of water”.


In addition to tree planting, Savannah Cement has put in place plans for re-vegetation scheme that aims to restore the facilities site to its original form. The cement manufacturer’s scheme looks to reverse any adverse effects on the environment after any deterioration that has been brought about by the industry processes.

Savannah Cement has also put in place various measures such as the recycling of water from the factory through domestic waste management where recycled water helps cool machines and hydrate the surrounding vegetation, and noise level control as per the regulations put in place by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA).


Savannah Cement is the sole cement manufacturer in the east African region that manufacturers cement in a dust-free environment. This has gone a long way in helping the company make strides towards environmental preservation because the biggest problem affecting cement firms in terms of going green is the cement dust.

Savannah Cement is arguably one of the most green cement manufacturer in the region, a position that they seek to maintain with their constant upgrades and system checks to ensure that their business practices are not negatively affecting their environment.


The company recognizes that going green is a journey that requires continuous effort and constant evaluation of the business for it to record any success. It is for this reason that the company conducts regular system evaluation to maintain the standards and issues the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study report

Savannah is surely headed towards being an industry leader in region both in manufacturing and in effectively incorporating and implementing green practices into the business.

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