Droipad 7D – every parent's companion

Droipad 7D – every parent’s companion

With increasing demand for electronic devices, children are getting more informed and overly concerned about owning their own gadgets. What if as a parent, you cannot afford one for your two children to share, let alone one for each?

Tecno Droipad 7D

Tecno Droipad 7D

Tecno gives you an option! At only Sh9,999, Droipad 7D allows you to use the same phone as your child, with the option of setting up a child section in the phone. This is made possible by the Kids Zone app. This app makes you as a parent of guardian regulate which phone apps your child can access.

Besides, Tecno Droipad 7D also enables you to control the amount of time that your child takes on the device. The app gives you 15 minutes, 40 minutes, one hour and two hours as the options for usage time. What this means is that after the set usage time, your child will be forced to stop using the device as it will go on a ‘lock’ mode.

Droipad 7D has a 7-inch touch screen display, making it more convenint as large enough for children to use. On the other hand, it gives the parents a tablet experience. The device comes with a 1GB RAM, a 16GB ROM, a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.

With all the activity that your children may engage in while using the device, you definitely need a good battery. And that is why Droipad 7D comes with a 3000 mAh battery.



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