You can now track your period, ovulation

FEMM launched the iOS Spanish version of their iOS app today. The FEMM app is a period tracker that monitors ovulation and helps women to track their health and fertility.

The app will now enable women around the world  to track their emotional and physical symptoms and receive daily feedback on their observations and overall health patterns.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the FEMM app in Spanish and help more women around the world understand their bodies and track their health,” said FEMM CEO, Anna Halpine.

New users will have access to FEMM’s easy custom options that allow women to use the app to chart irregularities, symptoms and emotions. “I use the FEMM app and it’s wonderful. I’d previously used two other top rated apps before and given up on both; they just weren’t sophisticated enough to track my irregular cycles and symptoms,” said one user.

The app also enables links between users and FEMM’s global network of health coaches and medical providers. Spanish speaking health coaches and medical providers are available. This unique feature is one of the highlights for current users. One user wrote, “When I had a question I contacted the FEMM support and they responded very quickly and have been so helpful. I would highly recommend this app to anyone.”

FEMM partners with the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI) as part of its commitment to women’s health, science, and research. RHRI conducts ongoing peer-reviewed research and study, and brings this information to medical providers in effective and clinically usable ways.

The partnership between RHRI and FEMM ensures that the very best in science and women’s health advances is provided to FEMM users directly through the app, as well as through our referral network. “FEMM provides exponentially better women’s health than the alternatives. Love, love, love! Thank you, FEMM, for providing full service, holistic women’s health,” wrote one user.

FEMM’s app offers an easy way for women to track and interpret the many important markers of their health. It is bringing expert knowledge and information to women about their own bodies, in order to educate and support them every day. With the release of FEMM’s Spanish language version in iOS, more women than ever will be able to get the reproductive health education and support they deserve.

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