Tecno Phantom 8 is just moments away

Tecno Phantom 8 is just moments away


Are you ready to capture your legend? Brace yourselves…because the all new TECNO Mobile’s Phantom 8 is just an epic moment away.

Based on the rumor, the new Phantom not only makes taking photos easier, but it makes them much more professional. Not to mention the advanced light assist feature that helps you take pro photos even in a very dark environment. To put it simply, the camera shoots exactly what you see!
Everyone loves a selfie. And that’s why your selfies are about to get an exciting new makeover. We got information that the Phantom 8’s front facing camera now comes at a staggering 20 megapixels alongside a smart dual selfie flash. The double front ring flash ensures that you can capture your legend anywhere even in a low light environment, so that no moment goes uncaptured.
What’s more is the RAM is boosted! The ultra-fast Phantom 8 is thanks to its upgraded RAM and CPU that supports 4G+ and with flash download speed. So, now you can bid farewell to any wasted time waiting for your mobile to operate.
Probably would be the most exciting part is the new attractive diamond style design, it will feel like the Phantom 8 will be calling you for a catch up to show off its 3D Lighting, cannot wait to see the real product!
The Phantom 8 captures every legend from selfie fanatics, to speed seekers and new mobile design fans – we know you won’t be disappointed. And it’s just moments away…

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