New mobile app offers accurate location for deliveries this festive season

By Our Reporter

Many times you may have experienced the inconvenience of having to make follow-up calls to direct the person delivering your goods from an online or physical shop. This is usually caused by inaccurate identification of your exact location by the rider or the person delivering. But a  new mobile app seeks to eliminate that challenge, especially this festive season when many Kenyans are receiving and sending gifts to various destinations.

New mobile app offers accurate location for deliveries this festive season
New mobile app offers accurate location for deliveries this festive season

OkHi, a Nairobi-based tech startup, has launched a new mobile app for users to own and share their location to connect to the businesses and people they want. This is particularly timely when consumers are most focussed on deliveries and services over the festive season.

Consumers want access to deliveries in a timely manner. More importantly, in an unforseen emergency having swift access to health and security services right at your doorstep becomes critical, particularly when service providers are running on low staff levels.

New mobile app offers accurate location for deliveries this festive season

OkHi’s new consumer mobile app that allows users to easily own, customise and share their location with the people and businesses they trust. The free-to-access app for consumers enables them to save multiple locations including home and work, and to share directions to these locations in a hassle free manner.  All this is done with the highest attention to the privacy and security of data – app users are able to control who gets access to their locations at the tip of their fingers without worry.

“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included iny the new digital economy. OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customize their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’ challenge” explained        co-founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.

During this festive season, users can access food delivery from brands such as Artcaffe Group (Artcaffe, Urban Gourmet Burger and Ohcha Noodle Bar), 360 Pizza and Yum Deliveries. One can also access grocery deliveries from Greenspoon, household appliances by Hotpoint and emergency Response services by Flare, directly from the app.  In addition, Uber can be directly ordered through the OkHi app to guarantee correct pin location for all the festive celebrations consumers will be attending.

On top of its location based solution, OkHi has built a custom delivery technology stack to enable businesses to be able to access OkHi more easily within their own infrastructure and integrate seamlessly into their consumer checkout flow. OkHi can help businesses save upto 20% on delivery costs while significantly improving customer satisfaction and retention.



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