Amref launches 2019 AMNH Excellence in Health Journalism Awards

Amref launches 2019 AMNH Excellence in Health Journalism Awards

Amref Health Africa through Health Systems Advocacy Partnership projecthas launched the 2019 Africa Media Network on Health (AMNH) Excellence in Health Journalism Awards.

The inaugural AMNH Excellence in Health Journalism Awards are designed to recognise and reward journalists who have demonstrated outstanding merit in health reporting.

The health and well-being of most sub-Saharan Africa remain plagued by a relentless burden of inadequate human resources to provide care for a growing population, persisting social disparities and infectious and non-communicable diseases.

While African countries have signed up to global, regional and local commitments aimed at promoting expansion of their health systems, many of these pledges have not been fulfilled.

Without political goodwill, cash commitments or accountability of leaders, such declarations will remain just that – declarations.

When African leaders made a pronouncement in Abuja in 2001 to allocate at least 15 percent of their annual budgets to the health sector, there was a high expectation that the continent would finally be able to provide quality health care services for its people.

More than a decade later, health systems remain poorly funded with a dire lack of basic equipment and commodities, medical staff and supporting infrastructure.

The Director Regional Programmes at Amref Health Africa Prof Joachim Osur said: “We are very excited to launch the AMNH Excellence in Health Journalism Awards for the first time.”

“It provides an excellent opportunity for journalists to advocate for the strengthening of health systems to provide affordable, safe and high quality care in line with Universal Health Coverage (UHC).”

Prof Osur noted that the media plays an important role in pushing the political agenda by holding leaders accountable and thus creating enabling environment to increase allocation and utilisation of funds.

Award winners will have an opportunity for a scholarship to train in health journalism at Amref International University among other benefits.

Journalists can submit their entries here through this link:

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