A voice for victims of domestic violence

A voice for victims of domestic violence

By Betty WughangaBetty Wawuda & Mariam Ahmed

 When Ann Rose Gikonyo was growing up she wanted to do one thing only– help women who are caught up in domestic violence.

 She often watched her mother, a victim of domestic violence, break down in tears but she has little choice than to bear it all in silence.

Fast forward to today, Gikonyo is doing exactly what she envisioned.

During our interview in Kibera in Makina, we found Gikonyo at Wellness Compassion Kenya, an organization she started in September 2016 to help women in distress. The organisation offers counselling and helps women deal with psychological issues and improves their livelihood.

Annrose Gikonyo, founder, Wellness Compassion

Annrose Gikonyo, founder, Wellness Compassion

“I started the organisation because I grew in an vulnerable background and witnessed my mother suffering from domestic violence,” she says.

 Gikonyo holds meetings with the women she assists at A.C.K church in Makina within the office premises at 11 am on Tuesdays.

 The major beneficiaries of her work are women and children and the counseling services she offers are free considering that many do not have any income. At the same time, she assists some of them start businesses to boost their livelihood

Ann has impacted over 65 women since started her work and is happy that the end of the day, they are able to feed their children.

She however faces some challenges because some pull out of the project prematurely while others have high expectations when it comes to money.

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