“The training and mentoring I received from Akili Dada gave me the jumpstart I needed thrive in community engagement and to become a knowledgeable advocate for women, girls and other groups that needed support in advocacy. This passion led me to work with YWCA Walla Walla as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate.


How Akili Dada scholarship transformed my life
How Akili Dada scholarship transformed my life

In this role, I provided one-on-one counselling to clients, responded to crisis calls from local hospitals or the police station and gave Protection Order clinics at the Walla Walla County Court. This was in addition to fundraising and organizing community events. I am committed to actively advocating for women and girls’ rights, education, pay and employment equity, because I have witnessed the transformative effects of such work.

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Nyakundi’s story was originally published by Akili Dada.

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