Camon15: The ideal photo device for journalists, photographers

At a time when movement is restricted, many people are working from home. But for bloggers and journalists, work has to continue nevertheless as they have to keep the public informed.

With limited movements across the country and its borders, mobile journalism comes in handy. The new Tecno Camon15 gives journalists and bloggers this advantage.

The new Tecno Camon15

The new Tecno Camon15

With a 48MP ultra Quad Camera, Camon15 enables users to take high quality photos for professional and social use. The 64GB internal memory offers adequate space to store videos and photos, making it the ideal device for journalists, photographers and bloggers. The device also comes with a 4GB RAM, giving it the necessary speed for operation.

Tecno Camon15

Ask any photography lovers the question: what the hardest shots to get right on their phones  and you’ll hear about night shots. Although camera technology advances and our smartphones can do more of what we expect from standalone digital cameras, night-time photography is still a challenging frontier for mobile phones, even with new image-enhancing algorithms that helps reduce limitations, the majority of users still struggle to take that perfect night shot.

Tecno Camon15 series is armed with a new technology trademarked TAIVOS™, short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. Its dedicated microprocessor works together with AI algorithms to do one job: significantly enhance night-time photography – processes and challenges by making images clearer, enhancing night shots, and overall improvement through high-performance imaging algorithm capabilities.

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