I am determined to break the bias in ICT ~ Doris Mugambi

 As the world marks the International Girls in ICT Day, more women continue to access the previously male-dominated opportunities in the technology sector. Our reporter Judy Ndunge spoke to Doris Mugambi, one of the girls trying to advance herself in the the tech world while paving the way for other young women.

What inspired you to join the path of ICT?

My passion started while in highs school when I took Computer studies as an additional subject. I can say my interest just sparked from there on and I decided to pursue IT as a career. I did Diploma in information Technology in Meru University of Science and Technology and graduated in 2016. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Business Information Technology Degree at Mount Kenya University.

What’s your take on ICT being a male dominated field?

I would disagree on that because I think passion and determination is what it takes for one to advance in anything. And yes there has been that assumption for the longest time because they showed that interest first but we too as ladies can still advance in the same field if we take on the opportunities to do so.

What are some of the experience you’ve had in the Tech world?

I have experience in Kenya electricity generating company and recently did internship at the Kenya Revenue Authority as an ICT intern in Corporate Support Services department as well as TSO in Isiolo. These have been great platforms for me to advance my career.

In your opinion, why are some ladies shy to take up careers in ICT?

I think one major challenge we as ladies do face in the Tech world is not believing in ourselves and not having mentors. This could be because this field has been known to be a male dominated one for the longest time. We tend not to participate in fields such as programming and computer science. But I believe that practice makes perfect. I saw my male counterparts exceling in it; something that made me be open minded about programming and encouraged me to work harder.

Do you think enough is being done to empower Women in ICT?

The government is really trying. There has been that encouragement even in the institution of higher education for the ladies to take part in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related courses. This is encouraging, but there is still some work to be done.

What do you think should be done to enable them advance in the tech world?

Give incentives. In my own experience doing internship in ICT Authorities was a very encouraging initiatives whereby the best performing interns were given an opportunity to work with the government after graduating from the internship. Such opportunities will make young people look forward to trying their hands in such fields as ICT.

Why should any young woman care to pursue a career in technnology?

Tech courses are very wide and with that they provide a wide range of opportunities. Looking at the world currently we have advanced into the digital state so there is need to adapt to the trends to grow with it. Besides it is a flexible career with many working options including remote and on-site jobs.

What legacy would you want to leave in the field of technology?

I want to make my name known in the tech world as an innovator to improve peoples lives and enlighten the world on what women can do in the world of innovation.

6 thoughts on “I am determined to break the bias in ICT ~ Doris Mugambi

  1. Abigail Makena

    This is quite insipiring,,,you are amazing girl,,i pray you will get there

    • Doris Mugambi

      Thank you so much Abigail..I appreciate the compliments..Blessings to you too🙏

  2. Mark Lowa

    Great job Doris. Am proud of you.

  3. Doris Mugambi

    Amazing work by Judy and Africa Solution Media Hub.
    Am really grateful to be selected and featured on this website to celebrate international girls in ICT Day.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Cate

    Am proud of Doris

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