Clergyman giving hope to disadvantaged children in Kenya

Life in informal settlement is rough with frequent demands of necessities of life. The circumstances and situations in these areas have blocked the destiny of many children. Despite the availability of hardworking people in the area who desire to give their children a good life, low salaries and unemployment has cut short their plan of bringing bright future of many youngsters. Reverend Cyprian Yobera saw this problem and started Kanzi Kibera Foundation in Kibera.

“Kanzi is a Swahili word that means hidden treasure. Children in informal settlements such as Kibera are a treasure but due to the circumstance they are in, they are hidden and they need to be emerged just like precious stones and metals are mined and smelted ready for sale,” explains Rev. Yobera.

The organization supports four private schools in the area; Linda care, Fruitful Academy, Cana Junior and Gifted Hands Educational Center. They offer them dry food items and vegetables. On one school day they feed 650 pupils. They also provide the schools with stationery for both pupils and teachers. The organization raises money and helps in the construction of better classroom structures of the private schools in the area. It helps in recruiting teachers and providing them with occasional training. They also provide scholarship to financially disadvantaged but bright students.

Austine Opondo is a student at Africa International University pursuing Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accountancy and Financial Management. When he was in primary school in class 8, his class teacher saw his potential and introduced him to Rev. Yobera who by then was supplying the school with food and stationery. “Rev. Yobera supported me financially through my class eight. At times he could bring me revision materials such as exam papers and revision books. He continued his support in high school and he is still doing the same now while I am at the university. I am sure I could not have been where I am today if not for Kanzi Kibera who gave me this chance, encouragement and the motivation. It’s my dream that in future I will give hope to other disadvantaged children in society by supporting them through education,” says Opondo.

A class session at the resource center.
A class session at the resource center.

The resource center is a new project aimed at giving the children a safe space where they can engage with resources that are not available in their schools or homes. They have computers with internet where they teach basic computer skills, French language, Bible studies, music lessons and art and craft. Eugene Muganda, is the program coordinator at Kanzi Kibera Foundation. “I want to see a community where by as much as its associated with so much negativity it can still be able to discover their hidden treasure and change the narrative,” says Eugene. According to Rev. Yobera, most of the older members of Kanzi Kibera come back and volunteer at the resource center.

My biggest achievement has been seeing some of my children from Kanzi Kibera graduate, secure good jobs and give back to the community ~ Reverend Rev. Yobera.

He adds: “We are proud of our own who is the university and also helps in teaching French. He was selected among the four Kenyans to take part in the inter-universities French debate in Madagascar. Our aim is to see value out of the people who come out of the program.”

Cloths distribution on a charity donation day.
Cloths distribution on a charity donation day.

The organization hopes to have a bio digester toilet system and a kitchen that runs on the gas that is from the bio digester. This would enable them to cook food for distribution to the four schools that they support unlike now where they take the raw foods and it is prepared from there. “Not that the foods cooked in the schools is bad but we plan to have a centralized place to cook the meals then take ready foods to schools as we hope it will be of an improved quality,” explains Eugene.

Linet Akinyi, is a student at Thika Technical Institute pursuing Agri-business management. Rev. Yobero sponsored her when she joined college.” My stay in this organization has taught me to have a heart of giving. In my eyes Rev. Yobera is a real definition of a good Samaritan. He wants to see us shine and have bright futures,” said Linet.

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