Kenyan Musician Victoria Kimani donates to Girl Tournament in Kajiado

Kenyan Musician Victoria Kimani donates to Girl Tournament in Kajiado

Kenyan US- born musician Victoria Kimani donated bountiful bread and milk towards an adolescent girls and young women tournament in Kajiado. The artist famed for her hit songs China love, Mtoto and most recent release called History, responded to a call by a Kenyan philanthropist Ms. Jackline Saleiyan when she called on the members of the public to donate in-kind towards the girls tournament.

“The girls were excited when they heard that the donation was from Ms. Kimani given that most of them are her fans. They were very motivated and it boosted their self-esteem to know that such a big artist can give to them,” Ms. Saleiyan said.

“This is the very first time we are receiving a donation from an artist, it just shows how kind Victoria is. I also encourage all those assisting the society in one way or another to be consistent and put their message out there. Even if all people will not respond, someONE will. On behalf of the girls, I say thank you ” she concluded.

The I am priceless  4th annual tournament was held at Em-bulbul, Oloolua ward of Kajiado North sub-county. It brought together all the 5 wards of Kajiado North Sub- County and attracted six girls teams. The AGYW were taken through topics of self- worth, self-esteem and self- respect; the role of women in peace and advocacy and Gender Based Violence mitigation.

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