A Kerugoya church initiates mentorship program

Peoples Church in Kerugoya town, Kirinyaga County in Kenya has initiated guidance, counselling, and mentorship program for over 200 youth, in its Weekly Wednesday service.

Youth who work in Jua Kali industry and street children gather for the  spiritual nourishment  and have lunch together with the Apostle Francis Wanderi.

The lunch service started  by Bishop Mary Wanderi, has been of help to youth as it teaches them how to live with each other thus minimizing conflict.

“Mentorship is a powerful tool for empowerment for the boy child. As a Church, we are the role models for them, so we guide and inspire them. Men don’t speak about their problems, and we cannot allow them to die silent,” Bishop said.

She called for more programmes from Non- governmental organisations in support of boy-child empowerment and commended the good work done by Her Excellency Pastor Dorcus Gachangua, who has been advocating for boy-child empowerment all over the country.

She said that as a church, they have been having different programmes every year, but the Wednesday lunch service is running weekly.

“We have been having different programmes like eye checkups, People with Disabilities Day, and the elderly. The reason we have all this is to empower those who are less fortunate in society, and we have seen positive feedback from society,” he said.

He called on youth not to associate themselves with drug abuse and advised those who may be having challenges quitting drug use to take advantage of such services.

Justin Murimi, a mechanic, has said he was among the very first people to attend the Wednesday lunch service, and since then he has seen a lot of change in his life.

“I have been taught how to handle my life, and I can confidently say I have been saving that little I have made in a day, and I can see a bright future ahead. I don’t have family, but with the kind of teaching I get here, when I become a family man, I will be a responsible father,” he said.

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