Tukio, the new safari booking platform launches a referral program

Tukio, a new online safari booking platform www.gotukio.com has just launched a new referral scheme for professionals in the tourism industry. 

The young platform aims to increase awareness by allowing tourism professionals such as hotels, guest houses, drivers and guides to earn cash rewards while providing their clients discounts for booking through the Tukio online platform. In addition to the cash reward, this gives the professionals the opportunity to improve their clients’ experience in Kenya by proposing a new, high quality alternative for safari bookings.

Tukio is a platform that enables safari lodges, transportation providers and activity organizers to publish and sell their services directly and transparently to travelers. Travelers can select all components of their trip separately, add them to a cart and check-out entirely online.

Tourism professionals can sign up to the program through the interest form or reach out to Tukio by sending an email to info@gotukio.com. Once the Tukio team receives the request, they will get back with the personalized referral code and more details about the program.


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