Iten gets air quality sensor

Athletics Kenya (AK) in partnership with Stockholm Environment Institute of Africa, has launched an air quality sensor at St. Patrick’s Iten, to ensure that athletes training in the area run in a clean environment devoid of pollution.

The Institute Director, Dr. Philip Osano, said the sensor will be measuring levels of impurities in the air, which can cause illnesses and will not only help athletes, but also residents.

Speaking during the launch, the Director said the sensor, will show once the levels are high, thus those concerned will have to find out what is causing the high levels and find a solution.

Dr. Osano said it was important that the sensor was installed during celebrations to mark world wetlands day, saying just as human beings protect their lungs, they should also protect wetlands, which he said were the lungs of the earth.

He noted that that there were high levels of plastic pollution and other chemicals, which find their way into the river system.

“Because the earth system is connected, when we have impurities in the air, the same are deposited in the soil and finally find their way into the wetlands. When the earth is not healthy, we are also not healthy,” he said.

The Director said the sensor can be used as a learning tool by students, saying those taking chemistry will be able to learn about how to measure impurities in the air, physics students will learn about the gadget itself, while in humanities they can write about the impact of the same to the environment.

 AK President, Jackson Tuwei, said urbanization was taking place all over and Iten has not been left out and therefore the need for the equipment to ensure the hundreds of athletes who train in the County are assured of a clean environment.

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