Jumuisha Initiative: A Community Based Organization restoring tree cover in Makueni County

Jumuisha Initiative

In our series of #CBOsImpact, we highlight the story of Jumuisha Initiative, a women and youth-led Community Based Organization in Makueni County.

Jumuisha initiative is a community based organization based in Makueni county Kenya that was established in the year 2015. Being aWomen and youth led organization, It focuses on three main units that is Community development, landscape restoration and environment conservation and Jumuisha academy. These three units collaborate to initiate change within designated area of Makueni Kenya.

Jumuisha Initiative


The organization has successfully restored over 200ha of land by planting 150,000 trees . Under community development the organization has done programs like youth resilience and belonging (yrb) project that looks at creating opportunities for youth employability levels and upscaling their life skills. Through Jumuisha academy which is a program that focuses on advancing academics for locals, the organization has sponsored two children to tertiary level in education.

Jumuisha Initiative believes in the power of partnerships. “We have worked with the community as the main stakeholder. We have also partnered with the County Government of Makueni and national government,  Firelight Foundation, WRI and One tree planted,” says Ernest Kimilu, an official at the organization.

Kimilu says he wants to be remembered for creating a responsible youth in the county through upscaling their skills and grooming an active, responsible and actively participating youth in development.

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