IREX, PepsiCo Foundation, Unveil 12 Finalists for The Pamoja Founders Project

PepsiCo Foundation has revealed 12 young entrepreneurs leading ventures that strengthen sustainable food systems across six African nations courtesy of the Pamoja Founders Project. The leadership development project by IREX, PepsiCo and D-Prize seeks to empower entrepreneurs working at the intersection of food security, sustainable supply chains, and resilient food systems in one of six countries across West, East and Central Africa.

“Africa’s food security challenges demand innovation. The Pamoja Founders Project marks PepsiCo’s first program for young African Agripreneurs, aligning with our PepsiCo Positive vision for a sustainable food system. By empowering these future leaders, we’re building a more resilient food future for Africa,” said Paul Andersen, CEO of PepsiCo West, East, and Central Africa (WECA).

The Pamoja Founders Project provided a comprehensive support system for the 12 cohort members, equipping them to further develop innovative solutions that address food security challenges in Africa. Over the past 9 months, the cohort has undergone personal and professional growth, equipped with essential tools to amplify their impact within their sectors and markets.

“The journey the Pamoja fellows have been on over the past nine months – both as individuals and as a cohort – have been truly remarkable. Each has excelled with the challenging curriculum, and more importantly, accelerated their venture’s trajectory to impact,” Roshan Paul, IREX’s Leadership Practice Director, said.

The 12 corhot members hailed from Uganda,Kenya ,Mozambique ,Nigeria ,Ethiopia and Tanzania.

They include M-Taka founder Benson Abila from Kenya; The Co-Founder of Crimas, Orza and FAE, Abdul de Almeida from Mozambique; Co-Founder of Kayan Gona Agro Network ,Mafeng Dangyang from Nigeria; Founder of Agriboom, Emmanuel Dusabimana from Uganda; Founder of Seedloans and Kyaffe Farmers Coffee, Nalugemwa Elizabeth from Uganda and Founder & Executive Director, Ibukia Shambani , Abdallah Mabrouk from Tanzania.

Others members include the Founder of Ziimba Juliet Namwanje from Uganda; Founder of Veathari Ventures Limited, Brendah Nantongo from Uganda; Founder of Agriboom , Elizabeth Okullow from Kenya; Co-Founder and CEO of  Ecotutu, Babajide Oluwase from Nigeria; Founder of Vet Konect , Dr. Akpem  Terese Shadrach from Nigeria and Founder & CEO of Senaryo Trading PLC E, Nathnael Tadesse from Ethiopia.

Following the training the top six most promising enterprises from the 12 will be awarded a catalytic seed grant of $15,000  (Ksh 1,965,000 )each.

“The Pamoja Founders Project is giving rising food and agricultural entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts, receive sector-specific coaching, access professional networks, and join a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs,” C.D.Glin, President of the PepsiCo Foundation & Global Head of Social Impact for PepsiCo, shared.

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