Making a Difference in Africa through the TikTok Change Makers Program

Judy Ndunge Kenya June 18, 2024

Building on their commitment to fostering a global community passionate about using #TikTokforGood, Tiktok introduces the TikTok Change Makers Program. The global social impact ,creator elevation program is a 6-months program meant to spotlight creators and non-profits who create meaningful change in their communities through TikTok.

“The TikTok global community harnesses creative self-expression to drive positive impact by rallying support, raising awareness, and advocating for the causes they truly care about. We’re proud to launch the TikTok Change Makers program to help social impact creators and non-profit organizations reach more communities, unlock real-world opportunities, and bring about lasting, meaningful change,” said Kim Farrell, Head of Creators, TikTok.

TikTok also introduced the Change Makers Grant, an integral part of the TikTok Change Makers program. Through this Grant, they’ll make a donation of over $1 million (Ksh.129,440,000) to over 30 global and local non-profit organizations supporting a variety of important causes. A direct donation of  $25,000 (Ksh.3,236,000) will also be made in honor of every Change Maker to support their respective advocacies while elevating the impact of their work. Over 50,000 posts under the #TikTokforGood hashtag have been submitted so far.

“We are pleased to work with TikTok and content creators worldwide on the TikTok Change Makers Program. By leveraging our combined strengths, we can broaden our reach to communities globally, impacting health and other important issues affecting people. This program enables us to connect with wider audiences, encouraging creativity for meaningful advocacy and health communication,” said Dr. Alain Labrique, Director, of the Department of Digital Health and Innovation, World Health Organization (WHO).

To officially launch the program, Tiktok celebrated by unveiling their inaugural global list of TikTok Change Makers, comprising of 50 creators worldwide. Some of the recognized TikTok Change Makers from Sub-Saharan Africa unveiled included;

Charity Ekezie (@charityekezie), Nigeria


Charity Ekezie knows that the general population outside of her home continent doesn’t know much about Africa, other than stereotypes seen on TV and film. She uses her platform to (sarcastically) dispel rumors and myths about what life is like in Africa.

Dr. Siyamak Saleh (@doctor.siya), South Africa

photo courtesy;Tiktok

Dr. Siyamak Saleh is a medical professional and multi-award-winning content creator, renowned for his expertise in reproductive and sexual health education. He impacts global public health as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) and through his influential TikTok channel. By debunking myths and providing evidence-based health information, he empowers a global audience to make informed health decisions.

Melissa (@dpilot_onthegram), South Africa

photo courtesy ;Tiktok

Melissa is a trailblazing South African pilot and creator known for her engaging aviation videos on TikTok. As the first in her nation to be verified on the platform, she’s committed to inspiring future pilots and aviators – especially women – to challenge stereotypes in the industry. Her passion for flight and mentorship shines through her content, encouraging others to soar to new heights.

Dennis Ombachi (@TheRoamingChef), Kenya

photo courtesy ;Tiktok

A former rugby sevens international player, Ombachi reinvented himself to become a social media star with a global fan base in just a few years. After an injury forced him to retire, Dennis’s depression became more severe and in 2018 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Dennis turned to cooking to keep him sane and during the pandemic, he turned his full attention to creating cooking content.

In 2022, he received the TikTok Award for Best African Content Creator. Championing causes with non-profit organizations through the TikTok Change Makers Grant. He’s now set to work with Mtoto News to amplify children voices across Africa.

 “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dennis Ombachi and TikTok .This collaboration will ensure that the perspectives of African children on crucial issues such as Climate Change, Education, and Digital Wellbeing are heard loud and clear. Together, we are committed to empowering the next generation and ensuring their voices make a difference,” said Jennifer Kaberi, CEO of Mtoto News.

Through the  Program, Tiktok aims to showcase the diverse voices and the strength of their global community as they educate, advocate and inspire their communities to drive meaningful, positive and lasting change.



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