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We are a Non-Profit media organisation using Solutions Journalism to amplify positive impact stories of changemakers in Africa.We tell stories of individuals, organisations and communities offering scalable solutions to the challenges facing the region today.We also offer Solutions Journalism and Impact Storytelling training to young people; turning them into ambassadors of positive stories from their own communities.We partner and work with organisations, equipping them with media skills to effectively document and amplify impact and success stories of their work.


To identify, document and amplify social impact stories in Africa


To be the leading hub for change makers and best media house in Africa for amplification of success stories.


Impact We amplify stories of changemakers who are making a positive mark in their communities through their work and initiatives.

Scalable Solutions We use journalism to amplify stories of scalable initiatives and innovations that can be replicated elsewhere.

Human-Facing Stories We believe that a story is never complete without the voice of the beneficiaries and how their lives have been positively impacted.

Oragnizational Profiles We use storytelling to showcase the work, initiatives and projects by organizations and amplify their impact and successes.

Media Partners We seek to build a network of impact storytellers; offering a platform for Africa and international changemakers to reach a wider audience alongside knowledge sharing and peer-peer support.


Accuracy From spellings, occurrences, financial information to names of partners and participants, we strive to ensure accuracy of content and intent in all our stories.

Inclusivity We ensure that our stories are fully representative of the relevant voices in the community or the topic under discussion. We are keen to include voices of PWDs, women, young girls and the vulnerable.

Empathy We believe that before we are communicators, we are humans. We, thus, ensure that our stories remain empathetic to both our sources and our readers.

Tone How do I feel after reading it? This is a crucial question we always ask when interrogating our story at the pitch stage. We want our readers to remain inspired, hopeful and optimistic after reading our stories.

Diversity Our stories are about people — about making them feel welcome, about allowing all to feel they can bring their full selves without hiding parts of who they are in order to “fit in.” Our media organisation embraces divergent opinions, ideas and positions that are aligned to social impact. We value bringing more voices to the table.

Equity In amplifying social impact stories, we give special attention to those who have been ignored or harmed by storytelling and stereotyping in the media. We seek to shed light on underreported social change makers, offering them an equal chance to share and amplify their social impact.


Through our years of impact storytelling, we have been recognised by local and international bodies; receiving accolades for spearheading a kind of journalism that showcases untold social impact stories of changemakers across Africa.
We have been recognised by the following:
East Africa Philanthropy Network: Awarded as a media Advocate for Giving Practice

Quality Kenyan Healthcare Federation: Awarded for Media Excellence in Promoting Health and Well-Being

Utumishi Bora Awards: For Championing Integrity and Inclusion

Zuri Awards: For Empowering Young Female Journalists with Journalism Skills


Key elements of solutions journalism include: examining a response and how it works, showing evidence of effectiveness, discussing limitations, and surfacing insights to spur innovation.
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