Fact Checking

Fact Checking

The proliferation of disinformation poses a significant threat to society and undermines the trust in information sources in a world dominated by digital connectivity.
Deceptive intent is a key characteristic of disinformation. It is purposefully designed to mislead with motives rooted in political, ideological, or economic interests, amplifying its inherent threat.

This manipulation of information not only deceives, but also undermines trust, as disinformation acts as a corrosive force, eroding faith in institutions, Corporates, NGOs, CBOs and sometimes individuals.

It fosters division within communities, undermining the good work that could be happening to benefit communities.
Journalism has a special role in fighting disinformation. We are part of those who fight disinformation through fact checking and developing content that is helps in fighting falsehoods especially where social impact projects and initiatives are concerned.

In this program; we seek to

  • Prevent the spread of false information with harmful real-world consequences.
  • Promote transparency and openness in society.
  • Educate the public and promote critical thinking skills.
  • Identify bias, propaganda, and other forms of information pollution that if unchecked may undermine social impact project and initiatives.
  • Through solutions journalism, build public trust in various institutions, Corporates, NGOs, CBOs to foster an environment that is healthy and conducive for implementation of social impact projects and initiatives.
  • Ensure that decisions and policies are based on accurate and reliable information.