Impact Mashinani

While large non-profit organizations get fairly good media coverage, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) do not always have their social impact work well captured by mainstream and alternative media.
With limited resources, and largely run by volunteers, the CBOs concentrate their efforts on delivering scalable solutions to the communities they serve. Planning for, and allocating resources for communication and media publicity may not be an immediate priority for them.
We recognize that there is a need for these organizations to communicate and amplify the positive work that they do for, and in their communities.

At Africa Solutions Media Hub, we are committed through our Impact Mashinani program to:

  1. Equip Community Based Organizations with impact storytelling skills in a bid to empower them to tell their social impact stories. We impart skills on how CBOs can use Own Media eg their own Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube etc to reach out wider audience. We also impact them with skills on how best to package news and information for mainstream media.
  2. Cover and tell their social impact stories. We use our media expertise and our team of reporters to write about and amplify the positive work these CBOs are doing and what impact they are having to the communities they serve. Through multi-media journalism, we develop content on change-makers within these CBOs.