Solutions Journalism Training

Our approach seeks to empower participants to identify, frame, package and report stories of change-makers who are offering scalable solutions to the challenges facing their communities.
Apart from enhancing their Solutions Journalism skills, we pair the journalists with mentors and other experienced media practitioners in order to expand their knowledge, sharpen their understanding of media trends and widen their network.
Our training leans towards young journalists as we seek to create a pool of reporters and media professionals who are passionate about social impact journalism.

The Solutions Journalism Program targets a wide range of participants including:

  1. Students in gap year: We target young students who have completed their fourth form and are looking to gain an introduction to the world of media. Our program equips them with basic skills in journalism.
  2. Mid-Career Journalists: We equip already practicing journalists with skills to leverage solutions journalism to build trust with audiences, increase engagement and loyalty, and drive impact and accountability.

To enrol or enquire about this programme, send an email to