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Our content is distributed for free to widen its reach. We believe every person has a right to information. We put our best foot forward to get this precious content of success and impact stories so that we can distribute it at no cost to the audiences and readers.  But we need your support so that we can continue doing this noble job of amplifying success and social impact stories.  We do not have God fathers, we do not have deep pockets,  we purely count on donors, well wishers and supporters like you. Stop for a moment and look around your everyday life; you will see we are surrounded by beautiful inspiring stories. But mostly, these stories remain untold. We are asking you to support us in telling these stories.
Which ways can you support us? 
  1. Monetary Support: Donate any amount, and it will help us send our journalists to the ground to get the stories, to get photos, to get videos, to get real voices of the beneficiaries of the good work being done by various change makers.  Even 1USD means a lot to us, it’s enough to purchase a note book and a pen for that journalist we are deploying to the ground, not forgetting a bottle of water for this journalist to quench his or her thirst while in the field.
  2. Equipment:  Good photos require good cameras, a great audio needs a good recorder. Help us in equipping our journalists so that we can have quality and professional content. From laptops, desktop computers, smart phones for mobile journalism, we will receive any equipment with open arms. We commit to ensure the equipment is put to its intended purpose.
  3. Trainings and mentorship: We work with very young journalists, in most cases students or those who have just graduated from journalism schools. We believe in continuously training the journalists we work with, we believe in continuously mentoring them to become better social impact story tellers. Support us in this noble course, partner with us.