Konza Technopolis Signs an MOU with Business Process Outsourcing Association To Host BPO Investors

Judy Ndunge Kenya April 29, 2024

Konza Technopolis has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Business Process Outsourcing Association of Kenya (BPOAK). BPOAK brings together business-related organizations linking their operations to third-party vendors. The partnership will see the two collaborate in marketing Kenya as the preferred and the largest BPO destination in Africa.

“This MOU heralds a new dawn for the business process outsourcing as it will allow us to leverage on our strength and make Kenya the preferred investment destination. We have a ready infrastructure for BPO investors to come plug and play and a sufficient power through our green 400Kv substation and a ready pool of digitally skilled workforce through our Jitume Hubs,” John Paul Okwiri said during the signing ceremony on April 29th ,2024  in Nairobi, Kenya.

Konza Technopolis is a key flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development blue print that aims to transform Kenya into a middle-income country with higher standards of living for Kenyans. The partnership between the two would enable the continuation of the project ,further contributing to the transformation of the Kenyan economy into a digitally driven economy.

BPOAK chairperson Roselyn Maundu and CEO of Konza Technopolis John Paul Okwiri signing the MOU.

“As an association we are delighted to have this collaboration with Konza Technopolis because our members will enjoy numerous and tremendous benefits derived from Konza being a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and also with a ready infrastructure that allows plug and play for our members. This partnership is also expected to address some of these emerging challenges especially the availability of physical and digital infrastructure, reliable power supply and riding on the Jitume digital program where we will have access to ready skilled human resource,” Roselyn Maundu Chairperson of BPOAK said.

Currently the global BPO industry is estimated at $1 trillion and employ over 42 million people. Africa accounts for less than 2 million jobs due to low physical infrastructure development, less penetration of digital infrastructure, uncoordinated marketing and business sourcing and lack of enabling policies.

However, Kenya is increasingly becoming a preferred BPO destination because of a number of factors such as, hosting 6 submarines fiber cables which provides reliable internet services, a well-educated human resource and higher English proficiency.

“Kenya has 2 million digital workers, we produce over 10,000 graduates per year, we are the second country in Africa on English proficiency and our labor cost is competitive hence a preferred destination,” Maundu added.



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