KEPSA joins the Government in Flood Emergency response to Aid Affected Communities

Kenya Private Sector Alliance Foundation has issued a rallying call to mobilize private sector
support for donations towards Flood Response Initiatives for those affected by the ongoing
heavy rains.

Together with Chandaria Foundation, the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry, and other
organization, the foundation kickstarted a food and non-food items distribution exercise for
affected persons in Kibera, at the SHOFCO Grounds in Nairobi.

“We are working with our members and, in partnership with government ministries, non-profit
organizations, and local communities, on this multifaceted response initiative. We aim to reach
about 10,000 households gravely affected and displaced by the floods. We hope this will help
address immediate needs and facilitate long-term recovery efforts for vulnerable communities,”
said Gloria Ndekei, Executive Director, KEPSA Foundation during the distribution exercise on
May 2nd 2024.

Other implementing partners included SHOFCO, Mama Doing Good, Global Peace Foundation,
and Team Pankaj Foundation. They provided 16,300 mattresses, 4,000 relief food hampers,
16,000 cups and plates, 16,000 blankets, and clothing items respectively. Chandaria on its part
provided 14 tracks of 400 bales each of assorted food hampers.

The heavy rains experienced in the country has had severe impact to persons living in low- income areas notably Nairobi: photo by SHOFCO

“We are here today to witness the value of partnership in dealing with disasters. We are grateful
to KEPSA and other partners who have donated foodstuffs to flood victims here in Kibera. As
SHOFCO, we are going to use our grassroots network to ensure that deserving persons get these
donations,” said Mark Laichena, Strategy Officer, SHOFCO.

The heavy rains experienced in the country has had severe impact to persons living in low-
income areas notably Nairobi. Areas like Kibera, Mathare, Kariobangi, Mukuru and Kayole just
to name a few, have had it rough due to the poor environmental conditions surrounding them.

“We barely manage to support our selves on a normal day, let alone these rainy days. The
impact the floods have had on us have been severe . I now shelter at a church with my child
because the floods swept away most of my belongings. I am therefore grateful for this support as
it will ensure my child won’t go hungry today, “commented one of the affected persons in
Kibera during the donations.

Reports by Red Cross indicated that the ongoing floods have approximately affected 196,296
people, displaced 33,100 households and claimed more than 180 lives across the country. The
situation may worsen as the Meteorological department has also predicted a continuation of the
rains in the months to come. This has prompted the government to urge persons living in flood
prone areas to evacuate for their safety.

“As we respond to the already devastating situation, it is important that we work together to
reduce the risk of more loss of life .The government is also calling upon those in flood-prone
zones to evacuate to safe areas,” stated Mr Linus Ogola, the Deputy Director at the Ministry of
Investment, Trade, and Industry.

And as they plan to reach other areas, the partnerships present called for more efforts to be made
to counter the effects of flooding in Kenya for future reference.

Distributions for Githurai, Mukuru, and Mathare are set to be on Friday and Saturday as the rest
of the counties will be reached in the weeks to come.

Chandaria Foundation has also pledged medical supplies worth 300,000 for a free medical camp
in Mai Mahiu, in partnership with Asian Foundation.

“We’re very humbled to walk this journey with you all and to bring shining hope during these
devastating times. The private sector, led by KEPSA, is steering this action-led initiative, and
we’ll continue supporting the affected communities in all elements,” said Ms. Zuhura Ogada,
Chairperson at the Marketing Society of Kenya.

Resources are being raised through cash donations via Pay bill 880100, A/C 3380270063, and in-
kind donations of food hampers, items, and dignity packs.

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