VIDEO: Voting begins in South Africa’s most contested election

Voting in South Africa has begun in what is considered to be the country’s most contested election in 30 years.

If the ruling African National Congress (ANC) share of votes is below 50%, it stands to lose the parliamentary majority it has held since the end of apartheid rule in 1994, when Nelson Mandela won the rainbow nation’s first multi-racial polls.

“I think to vote is very important because I have a future and my children have a future so that they can get better services. The unemployment is something that is bothering us. Our children are graduated but are struggling to get jobs. Also the crime, it’s very high and I think the person I voted for will make a change,” said Mmanare Moloto, who was voting in the Silverton suburb of Pretoria, the country’s administrative capital.

A poor showing could also mean that President Cyril Ramaphosa may have to fight off other contenders for his seat from the ANC, which is under siege over its handling of the economy.

“Voting is very important to me because the future of the economy is on our vote. So thats why I came and cast my vote. So many roads in my area, you can see there is so many potholes. So I think my vote will help. If the party I voted can win, I know that maybe they can help us with everything, water, sanitation then I know that everything is going to be fine,” added Rebecca Mahlatji, who also voted in Silverton.

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