Nguvu Collective’s flagship ‘Launchpad’ mentors the next generation of Kenya’s Change Leaders.

Judy Ndunge Kenya May 28, 2024

The leadership program aims to equip women on the margins to lead impactful campaigns and create deep social impact .

At a time when Kenyan women are grappling with a massive spike in gender-based violence, discrimination, and social and economic inequities, Nguvu Collective’s flagship programme, the ‘Launchpad,’ is all set to create the next generation of powerful social leaders. 

The goal of this immersive five-day program is to empower Change Leaders from Kenya who can amplify marginalized voices and support women from underserved communities in leading socially impactful campaigns. This residential program, which will run from May 26 to May 30 in Kajiado County, will see 28 new women Change Leaders pledging to proactively address the grave issues faced by Kenyan women.

“Launchpad Kenya is an event that I envisioned to support women change-makers from marginalized communities. I am confident we will witness them emerge as powerful leaders who can drive positive social change in their communities. At the Launchpad, these leaders will be offered support to lead campaigns around issues they wish to impact and use their skills to bring about systemic shifts that will benefit millions of women.” says Preethi Herman, the CEO of Nguvu Collective.

Preethi Herman, the CEO of Nguvu Collective interacting with the Change leaders.

The Launchpad saw representation from various Kenyan counties including Nairobi, Kiambu, Kisumu, Narok, Isiolo, Kisii, Meru, Samburu, and Vihiga. Among them, 22 Change Leaders are emerging voices from marginalized communities who have consistently raised their voices about sexual and gender-based violence, maternal and menstrual health, the inclusion of persons with disabilities, teen mothers, and those facing other social injustices. 

 “I am an anti-FGM activist from Narok County. Nguvu Collective’s Launchpad has been a safe space for me to ideate collective solutions with fellow change leaders. It is empowering to be heard and to find both support and mentorship here. An initiative like this was much needed and instilled renewed confidence in those of us who have felt very isolated in our journey to driving social change, “said Naomi Kolian, who has come onboard this year with Nguvu Collective as a change leader.

Three of the Change Leaders ran for political office for MCA and Senatorial seats in the 2022 elections, while two are medical practitioners. One participant has been honored with a Head of State’s Commendation (HSC) and has received recognition for her work in areas connected with women’s rights and education advocacy.

 “Over the past year, my journey has evolved and progressed because of the consistent support I received from Nguvu Collective. My goal is  to promote the maternal and human rights of every woman The training from Nguvu has helped me gain insights into how to move forward and reach out to policymakers to seek urgent and concrete action,” commented  Harriet Afandi, another change leader championing prevention of Obstetric Violence (OBV) in hospitals.

Nguvu Collective’s transformational leadership program has trained over 400 women Change Leaders in India and more than 150 in Nigeria and South Africa. Their campaigns have resulted in approximately 50 policy-level changes and directly impacted the lives of over 180 million women

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