Joy for Seme residents in Kisumu Kenya as the Million Water Project is commissioned

By KNA….

Families and communities celebrated a momentous occasion during the commissioning of the Magwako Community Water Project implemented by Water 1st International Organization and Kenya Water for Health Organization (KWAHO) in Seme Sub-County, Kisumu.

The Sh37 million initiative is poised to provide clean drinking water to over 148 households in West Seme Ward to improve the community’s public health.

It comprises a 58.3 cubic-meter elevated steel tank, a 160-meter operational borehole, and a 6.3-kilometre water supply pipeline covering rural populations in Kokelo, Kaura, and Kachura villages.

 During the commissioning ceremony, Kisumu Deputy Governor Dr. Mathew Owili expressed the County Government’s commitment to improving community well-being through such programmes that seek to address water challenges in the area.

“This project signifies a significant stride towards enhancing the well-being of our community. It is symbolic of our shared County integrated development plans commitment to increasing access to sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene services, particularly in marginalized communities,” stated Dr. Owili.

 He emphasized the multifaceted components of the project, including addressing water supply, sanitation, hygiene promotion, and capacity building.

  “The Magwako Water Project is not merely about infrastructure. It is about fostering a culture of health and hygiene that will endure for generations to come,” he added.

    The project’s objectives include sustainably delivering access to safe drinking water, improving access to sanitation facilities, enhancing sustainable hygiene behaviors, and fostering community engagement, governance, and capacity building.

 Further, the DG highlighted the significance of the project’s overarching goal of uplifting marginalized communities by ensuring access to essential services.

   “Access to clean water is not just a basic necessity but a fundamental human right as enshrined in the Kenyan Constitution,” Dr. Owili.

 He expressed gratitude to the project funder – Water 1st International and other implementing partners – KWAHO for their pivotal role in initiating and actualizing the project and underscored the positive impact the endeavor would have on the grassroots community’s livelihood.

The 58.3 Cubic-Metres elevated steel tank is part of the Sh37 million Magwako Water Project in Seme Sub-County, Kisumu County.

Dr. Owili also commended the Magwako community for their resilience, patience, and active participation throughout the project’s implementation phase.

  The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Water, Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Resources Maryline Agwa acknowledged the collaborative efforts between the Water 1st International Organization, KWAHO, and the Kisumu County Government.

Agwa highlighted the project’s significance in improving the health and sanitation conditions, especially for mothers and children.

 She expressed optimism about the project’s potential to bring about positive change in the community and urged the community to participate in its maintenance actively.

   “I challenge the members of the community to take ownership of the project and ensure responsible water usage. Despite the water being provided by the donors, the maintenance of the infrastructure is a shared responsibility,” the CECM reminded the locals.

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